The British Blues Scene

It’s a very vibrant and active place, but it can, at times, seem to be very much an old boys network. 

I have a rant about this on tonight’s show, inspired by my meeting with Robert Hokum of the Guv’nors at there Ealing Blues Festival on Saturday. Acts like Robert’s are high quality, passionate and exciting, but can’t seem to buy themselves a gig anywhere outside the sphere of their local area. I’ve been there too with my band. So, no-one in Southampton has heard of them, why not give them a gig? A support slot? How do people get to hear of them if they don’t get a chance to play to these people?

While a lot of work is being done, by the people at the British Blues Awards and the new magazine Blues, it’ll all be for nothing if the promoters don’t get it together to give folks a chance!